Be good to others, that will protect you against evil. Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A.
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Islamic perspective of wealth Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar

Our Righteous Predecessors were as fearful of their good deeds being squandered, or not being accepted, as the present generation is certain that their neglect would be forgiven.
Hasan al Basri RA
Get rich if you want a woman. Get pious if you want a wife
Boonaa Mohammed
In the West, they say that love is a madness that ends with marriage. But in Islam, we say that love is a madness that only begins with marriage.
Shaykh Ahmad Talal
what Mahatma Gandhi said about Prophet Muhammad SAW

what Mahatma Gandhi said about Prophet Muhammad SAW

Haji Shakeel Ahmad (Allah preserve him) mentioned a very important thing in his talks that affects us all. A summary of it is posted here,

The pious said that the first and foremost sign of displeasure of Allah is that the afflicted individual lose interest in supplication (dua) and presence of mind in worship.

This is because of his disobedience. And it is the displeasure and turning away of Allah’s attention from him that he does not find pleasure in the intimate conversation of dua, salah, etc.

We should check ourselves and find out if we are from the afflicted one’s. If so, then we should be vigilant in correcting our mistake, repenting and pleasing our Lord.

Wa ma tawfiqi ila billah

Abu Dhabi,UAE

الم يعلم بان الله يري


ALLAH loves the believers Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed 28/4/2012 Birmingham (by Naqshbandi1Tasawwuf)

Adopting the Sunnah in the West

The signs of a sincere LOVER

The signs of a sincere LOVER

The signs of a sincere LOVER

The disease of pride and arrogance deletes all traces of goodness and piety. This is the worst vice in causing havoc to Deen and a regrettable disease to have for the followers of this perfect and exalted religion. It launches a direct attack on beliefs and principles. If ignored and overlooked for sometime it becomes fatal and incurable, and gives rise to other spiritual maladies and vices, which are no less than four in number, as, mentioned below:

1.  Being deprived of truth and truthfulness. The heart becomes blind to the verse dealing with knowledge about Allah. It is a very grievous vice in which the mind of a man becomes dull and impervious to the understanding of Deen. Allah has said in the Holy Quram

“I shall turn away from My revelations those who show pride in the world wrongfully.” (7.146)

Allah has said in another place in the Quran:

“And in this way Allah does put a seal on every arrogant disdainful heart.” (40.35)

2.  The wrath and punishment of Allah fall on the jealous person. Allah has said:

“Certainly He does not love the proud ones.” (16:23)

It is narrated that Hazrat Moosa AS asked exalted Allah: “Oh my Lord! Who is the most deserving of your wrath and displeasure?” Allah Ta’aala told him:

“ It is he whose heart is filled with pride and his tongue is filthy (i.e. Abusive), his eyes are devoid of shame, his hands are miserly and he is of bad conduct and character.

3.  Allah will put the proud to disgrace and ill-repute (dishonour) in the Hereafter.

Hazrat Hatim Asam (rahmatullahi alaihi) has said: “Do not die in a state of pride, greed and arrogance.”

Allah does not cause the proud fellow to meet his death unless he is disgraced and dishonoured by his own family, relatives and servants.

Similarly the greedy does not meet his death unless he becomes destitute for a morsel of food and a drop of water.

In the same way the arrogant person does not meet his own death unless being polluted with his own excrement and urine.

4. The proud renders himself liable to Hell in the Hereafter. It occurs in a Hadith Qudsi:

“Pride is My cloak and grandeur is my trousers. If anyone disputes with Me in any one of these (two) I shall admit him into the Hell-fire.”

In the other words, pride and grandeur are two exclusive attributes of Allah, which none is allowed to apply and ascribe towards himself.

It is imperative to refrain from such a dangerous and deadly calamity which leads to loss of knowledge of Allah, inability to understand the commands of Allah, His displeasure, disgrace in this world and the Hereafter and painful torment therein. No wise person can be neglectful in the matter of such a harmful and destructive calamity.

 We should, therefore, try to save ourselves from this and seek refuge from Allah.

This is a brief account of the four calamities, mentioned in the beginning. Each of these four adversities are very harmful and dangerous in the sight of those wise and knowledgeable persons who are aware of the importance of the reforming of ones heart.

Those are the four disease and vices that stem from having pride. How many of us are there that can honestly say, without deceiving ourselves that we are free of this hated ailment?  Not many, is the answer. It is imperative that we take heed from this article and we bear in mind the punishment promised by Allah Ta’ala to those with pride in their hearts.

Pride as a sin is incorrectly considered to be insignificant and minute in comparison to other major sins, by a vast majority of the people. It may be that compared to the major sins like murder and associating partner with Allah, it is slightly inferior. But that is only because of the magnitude of those particular sins that pride is considered a lesser sin.

In a Hadith of the Holy Prophet SAW  it is narrated that,

“Whosoever has in his heart, even a atom of pride he will not enter paradise.”

In observing the above Hadith, it is of utmost importance that we get rid of this spiritual malady, if we hold any illusion or hope of entering paradise.

Remember that we do claim to be the followers and believes of Islam and we claim to be Muslims, so how then can we still have pride in ourselves? For the very meaning of Islam is to submit totally and conditionally to the worship of the Supreme Being, Allah Ta’ala and as Muslims it is incumbent upon us to get rid of every drop of pride, superiority and haughtiness within us, as we are small and inferior in comparison to the Supreme Being, if such comparison can be made. So let’s try and act upon the very essence of our religion and our adjective as Muslims and submit and surrender ourselves to the worship and pleasure of Allah Ta’ala.